STITCH is designed for children or lighter weight kayakers. It is a lower stable kayak suitable for less difficult terrains. Ideal tracks for this kayak are, for example, Postřelmov, Berounka or Strakonice. The optimal rider weight is 30-65 kg.

Due to its dimensions, it meets the ICF conditions for white water descent and at the same time enables easy handling even with less applied force.

Downhill kayak intended for children and youth. They will no longer have to get lost in the depths of adult kayaks, you will see not only the head and hands with the paddle, but also the whole body of your children! The competitor will have a better overview of the river, stones and waves will no longer be hidden from him by the large mass of the boat in front of him. And he won’t get up as much when paddling.. Which brings the main point – he’ll enjoy it more.