ESOX4HERO is a licensed downriver kayak from CS Canoe. Multiple world champion Nejc Žnidarčič (SLO) participated in the development.
The kayak saw the light of day in 2016, it offers a fast and precise ride on wild and flat water.

The narrow tip sharply cuts through the waves and propels the boat forward to its destination. With minimal effort, you can launch the boat to high speeds. The well-shaped deck enables comfortable insertion of the paddle into the engagement, the shape of the wings allows safe driving even in extreme inclinations.

Thanks to these features, the model is very popular among athletes of all performance levels, and in recent years it is still very well positioned at the top of the international downhill scene.

The customer has the option of choosing the “LIGHT” version, where we cut the Esox in the area of the dividing planes by 1.5 cm. ESOX4HERO – LIGHT thus brings more comfortable paddling even to riders of lower weight or height categories. We offer this modification at no additional cost.

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