About us

We build on many years of experience in production, design and testing.

RK Company has long been dedicated to the development and construction of boats, paddles and accessories from composite materials for recreational and professional use. Athletes liked our models and above all the high quality of the design, which they can rely on for a long time. We are proud that, also thanks to our equipment, they reach the highest goals in the form of titles and valuable medails from the EC or WC.

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We are a 100% Czech manufactory with many years of tradition. The basis of our work is found in the development and construction of boats, paddles and related accessories from composite materials.

Our products are enjoyed by boaters of all faiths. Our customers are many excellent athletes – slalom skiers, downhill skiers, speed canoeists, paddle boarders, but also enthusiastic tourists or expedition sea kayakers.

The very name RK Company says that our production is a bit of a one-man show. RK is Rašner Karel.

Everything that arises in our society passes through his hands. There are many advisors and helpers behind the product development. His partner Hanka Lulu Peterková helps with marketing, assembly and distribution.

RK, that’s high quality craftsmanship you can count on for the long haul. It literally applies to us that we are not ashamed to sign whatever is produced here!

Our company goes with the times, follows trends, invents innovations. This led us to acquire our own CNC machining machines, which complemented our craftsmanship and meticulousness with digital precision and symmetry. This brought us a little closer to our dream of perfection!

Our clients can dream our dream with us. The path to excellence in sports is very demanding. The athlete himself must know what he wants from himself, and we can produce the equipment he needs for that!