The F-Eagle Evo 1 is an evolution of the F-Eagle model.

The original intention of the designers of this board – Tomáš Vaněček and Branislav Šrámek, was that it would stand at the very bottom of the board, as low as the construction allows, which means “below the waterline”.

Drainage of the board was solved alternatively with an electric pump or so-called “bailer”.

This solution was and still is functional, however, it brings some discomfort for the rider in that it was necessary to constantly take care of these technical devices and deal with them while paddling. This gave rise to the idea of change, development – evolution, and the F-Eagle Evo 1 was born.

Here, the rider stands at the water level (with his weight approx. 75 kg). The water from the cockpit drains through two openings, which are covered by “lenses” for better flow conditions around the openings.

This solution gives the rider peace of mind when paddling and does not have to think about anything else during the ride except moving forward as efficiently as possible.

Full carbon hollow board. Weight 10.13 kg! Width 20″. Board to try in České Vrbné.